Working groups stopped meeting at the beginning of the first lockdown, but the Conservation and Heritage (C&H) and Housing and Planning (H&P) working groups began to meet online via Zoom in November and December 2020.  Further Zoom meetings will take place early in 2021. Watch this space for news…

The H&P working group is putting together the evidence to support the draft policies.  At the most recent meeting, the matter of the proposed Clarendon Park commuter parking restriction pilot was raised, as there was concern that this might just push parking out of Clarendon Park into the north part of Knighton.  The working group hopes to do a short parking survey in the area before the start of the scheme in February, although obviously patterns of parking are different at the moment with so many people working from home.  The idea is that this will provide some baseline data to compare with after the start of the scheme.

The C&H working group has finished its programme of walks around areas of Knighton and is working on producing statements about the character of different parts of Knighton with a view to proposing the creation of new conservation areas or areas of special townscape character.

The Transport working group has obtained funding for air quality monitoring equipment to investigate levels of air pollution in Knighton.  Pollution monitoring will begin in the early part of 2021.