The Neighbourhood Forum has written to the Head of Planning in Oadby and Wigston to express our opposition to this development if Aldi should actually put in a planning application.  The main points of our letter are here:  Aldi Letter Main Points.

However, the Head of Planning from Oadby and Wigston has written to residents who had expressed concern about the possible development.  Key points from his letter are that the piece of land “is currently designated as Green Wedge in the Council’s Local Plan. The Council has no intention to de-designate the area as Green Wedge for the foreseeable future… Retail development does not comprise an appropriate use within a designated Green Wedge area, and in any event retail development of any form should be located within a local centre or town centre…The evidence … states that there is currently no convenience retail need within the Oadby area due to the existing number of supermarkets present.”

The full text of that letter is here: Head of Planning Letter.

It looks like Oadby and Wigston District Council wouldn’t permit the development, which is good news.

We’ve now had a response to our letter.  It confirms the points made previously.

  • The Council did not endorse the consultation carried out by Aldi and were unaware of it until residents drew it to their attention.
  • The land is green wedge and the Council has no intention of de-designating it.
  • Retail development is not an appropriate land use in a green wedge, and retail development should be in a town or local centre.
  • Recent studies indicate that there is no unmet need for convenience retail in the District.