During this time of National Emergency many people have wanted to know how they can help out locally. The Good Neighbour Scheme will encourage people to offer help to vulnerable neighbours. For example a neighbour who finds it hard to get about may need someone to pick up a prescription or do a bit of shopping.

This scheme is organised by your Knighton Councillors and supported by the City Council. Over the weekend post cards will be delivered to every home in Knighton. People may use the cards to introduce themselves to their neighbours and offer help, or to ask for some help.

Please look out for these cards and consider if you are able to help others or whether you need to ask for some help. If you are receiving support from the Council it will of course make every effort to continue to provide these services during what will be a very challenging period for all of us.

I hope you agree that this is a valuable initiative by our local councillors. I have been trying to think of ways we might be of assistance in this emergency. One possibility is that we might share information about local businesses that are prepared to deliver to those in isolation and other services that they might access. Other ideas would be welcomed, please post them on the website by commenting on this post in the form below or email them to chair@knightonforum.org.uk.  If you make a comment, it will not appear straight away, as we have to approve comments to avoid spam.

In the meantime I wish you well in this crisis.

Dennis Foxon

(Acting Chair)