Picture of Earthsense pollution monitors - black plastic boxes with blue trim.

Earthsense pollution monitors

An exciting development for 2021 will be the acquisition of a portable air quality monitoring system which allows us to undertake the first systematic study of air quality in the Knighton area. This will help to provide evidence for ways of reducing air pollution and future transport policies.

The project will begin early in 2021 and run for a complete year. Whilst the start of the project will coincide with some COVID-19 restrictions and possibly less traffic, we will be able to compare this with air quality later in the year when restrictions are hopefully lifted and transport activity returns towards normal levels. This will give us an opportunity to compare air quality between these phases. More details will follow over the next couple of months.

If you are interested in air quality or have experience in this area or advice around sampling protocols, we would love to hear from you.

We are particularly pleased that Earthsense, the company who are supplying the equipment we will be using, are based in Leicester. They have over 15 years of air quality expertise born out of Leicester University.

More details of the kit can be seen here https://www.earthsense.co.uk/zephyr